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  • Mourning In Ponyville (Album)
    Featured Vid
    Released 11/11/2015
    The fourth installment in the now-traditional series of Halloween pony EPs. Probably the most depressing, too. Maybe. credits released October 28, 2015 General Mumble: Production (all tracks), writing (all tracks) Blueschist: Production (track 5) - barrfparty.bandcamp.com Design by General Mumble - poowis.deviantart.com Vectors by: lightf4lls.deviantart.com spinnyhat.deviantart.com algonquinmaniac.deviantart.com mit-boy.deviantart.com dasprid.deviantart.com masemj.deviantart.com Patreon spooky top-contributors: Archangel Berre Vandendorpe Bluepaws D. Ildough Dustin Lewis Grant Cloud Hugoo John (Megabyte) Molinaro Liam Christensen Sarah Brown Spell Bound Want more halloween horse music? check out "Ghosts Etc.", "Monsters & Magic", and "The Headless Horse EP": mumbleetc.com/album/ghosts-etc mumbleetc.com/album/monsters-magic mumbleetc.com/album/the-headless-horse-ep
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