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    These are shows which are currently on-going. New episodes are in development, and plan to be released soon.
    Fandoms on the internet are stupid. With help from his friends, BrainstormAlex takes a good look at them.
    Join Zaperox, BrainstormAlex and JackTHerbert as they explore the world of Azeroth as PANDAS!
    This is R8KEK, the TopBanter.net reflection and review show; hosted by BrainstormAlex and Zaperox!

    Archived Shows

    These are shows which aren't currently being developed. If the creator(s) decide to start production again, the show will be moved in the active shows section.
    A stupid My Little Pony parody series that tries to teach something about friendship in a fucked up way or some shit.
    Join Zaperox and BrainstormAlex as they explore the world of Azeroth as GNOMES!
    Jack reacts to stuff on camera, with help from his friends off and on TopBanter.Net.
    Join JackTHerbert, Pipsqueak, Zaperox, and Macarou, as we attempt to complete every heist in PAYDAY 2 on Overkill difficulty!
    A series in which I answer questions. Questions can be asked here: http://goo.gl/forms/eC2mXUvX4d
    It's the latest game in the Mario Party series, and we're starting out with the Amiibo Party mode. Join Pipsqueak, Axey, Macarou, and myself, as we play through the different boards in Mario Party 10.
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