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  • Undertale - The Twin Souls [Part 1]
    Featured Vid
    Released 03/11/2016
    The cast of Undertale gets into hilarious misadventures on the surface world!
    Download the soundtrack for free: https://macarou.bandcamp.com/album/undertale-the-twin-souls-part-1-soundtrack

    Written and Animated by Matt Connor (http://youtube.com/mrmattimation)

    Matt Connor as Sans, Frisk, & the Newsman
    and Jonathan DiNovo as Papyrus (http://jonathandinovo.tumblr.com)

    Music by Aniseed Dream (http://twitter.com/MacarouMusic / http://macarou.newgrounds.com / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DYQwS5lCdDO3amN6kiYUA)

    Based on Characters by Toby Fox (http://twitter.com/tobyfox)
    and Temmie Chang (http://twitter.com/tuyoki)

    Produced by Chris Rost and Nate Hacker

    Buy Undertale: http://undertale.com

    Special thanks to Sian, Michael, Dion, Andrew, Tiffany, and Zach.

    Dedicated to Sammie DiNovo

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/mrmattimation
    Tumblr: http://mrmattimation.tumblr.com
    Patreon: http://patreon.com/mrmattimation


    You think you are above consequences.
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